Used Arri SR3 for sale
Used Arri SR3 for sale

Arri SR3 S16 filmcamera
Camera Body Arri SR3 #1448, color video assist, serial 542 
Arri Mag Cover, 3 x SR3 122mtr Mags
SR3 Battery Plate, Hawkwood v-lock Plate                                          
Arri FE4 vf extender #1153, Arri SR3 Super 15 Base Plate
Rods 15mm, Base plate Dove tale, Arri RS-4 remote, Hand Grip                       
Neutric Cable NC MX  

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Aaton XTR mag drive belts
Aaton XTR mag drive belts

New produced Aaton XTR magazine drive belts.

Following Aaton specs the belts fit perfect and are as silent as the original ones.
With a kevlar core these belts are very strong and durable.

30,- euro

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Bolex H Super16 for sale
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Bolex for sale H16 reflex
Bolex for sale H16 reflex

Camera Bolex H16 Reflex Nr. 236013 with 3 C-Mounts turret and possibility for 120mtr Mags

1 x KERN Makro-Switar 26 mm T 1.1 in very good condition Nr. 1107248
1 x KERN Switar 10 mm T 1.6 in very good condition Nr. 1140840
1 x KERN Vario-Switar kompact 17-85mm T 3.5 in very good condition Nr. 1130076
1 x 120 m mag for Bolex H16 Camera, incl. cable Nr. KA1 3635
1 x motor 12/24 V for 120m mag Nr. K01 5329
1 x Perfectone/Bolex Sync motor H16 EL, 12 V / 25 fps - 50 Hz Pilot Nr. P 1391
1 x Bolex-Handgrip with mech. + elektr. Auslöser incl. cable
1 Bolex-Fader for Dissolves 40 frames
10 Bolex Filter
1 UV-Filter for KERN-Objektive
1 Asynchron-motor for High-Speed (30 fps)
1 Matte box
5 Bolex-Manuals in German for H16 RX, Cassette, Motor H16 EL,
Optik Vario-Switar Compact and Macro-Switar
1 Original Bolex Aluminium case.

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Several Eclair camera's for sale
no picture available
1 PL type camera: 500fps
At least 3 action masters 16mm
One reflex front missing a prism /Nikon mount ( unknown manuf. but very nice machined)
7 x 1PL bodies most DC all manually adjustable shutters all series 2000
many bore-sight tools
1 body Series 3000 ,orange ,very rare with Phase Shift body 
15 plus X  200ft mags
4 S-16 mags 400ft single perf pull down (NFL films)
2 X 400ft
Manuals,spares &oils 
Every manual has all you need to service these ,every transistor ,every screw and nut  etc...

1B type camera:
2 bodies ,working condition ,1 serviced by UK branch
8  plus mags: 200 & 400ft
Many lenses : 4 screw bolt on : century 13mm,Ilec many focals Etc...

4ML type body: S-35mm 225 fp/s
1 body :PL mount+Contax mount  28V DC
Phase shift electronics (separate) + electronicsbox to link 2 X 4ML
Irig Time-code package (separate gate inserts)
Irig time generator (never used)
Bore-sight tool modified with convas eyepiece and 90° prism
All shutters ever factory made ,balanced dynamically 
2 X 400 ft mag
Arri compatible plate for Arri BP
Crash -box custom made
Manuals ,log books, jet oils,MX90, etc…

1VN type body: 200 fps (N 16)  150fps (S 16)
Like Brent Finley ,I made many lens fronts with relocated C-mounts and gates for S-16
It takes a couple of hours to modifie a N16 mag to S-16 : remove one pull down pin ,one register pin, use  the manual for aligning sprockets and a small lathe to remove a row of teeth.
14 plus bodies with high serial N° 11xx & 12xx
25 plus Mags of 100ft darkroom loads
100ft day-light /60ft/200ft co-axial/ All types of mags ever produced ,some are unused ,brand new
Spare shutters 120° to 7° Etc…
Manuals etc.
I used these cameras for Yamaha commercials for 8 years ,great onboard footage ( before go pro )and sky-dive /outdoor sports commercials
I found a picture of 2 X1VN bodies side by side ready for 3D even in an underwater housing ,great because the shutters and movement can be synchronized by phase and the lenses can be distanced like the human eyes…

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Arri SR3 mag for sale.
no picture available
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More filmcamera's for sale
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