Genesis Cine lenses for sale - NEW!

The Genesis lens are light weight prime lenses for Cine use.
Average weight is around 1200 grams per lens, front diameter is 114mm.
A full set consists of 8 lenses ranging from 14.5mm to 135mm.
Image circle is 46,3 mm diameter, which covers Vistavision / Fullframe.

The glass used is a mixture of several different type and manufacturers.
Genesis lenses have 11 blades in the iris, except for the 14.5mm which has 9 blades.
The 200 degree focus rotation makes pulling focus easy on them,
the use of motors is no problem at all for their strong housing.

The Genesis lenses can be fitted with coated or uncoated frontlenses.
This enhances the flare ability of these lenses.
Not as soft as most Vintage glass, they do give a nice 'soft' look,
which is easier to control then with vintage glass.

14,5mm T3.0
16mm T2.5
20mm T1.8
25mm T1.4
35mm T1.4
50mm T1.4
85mm T1.4
135mm T2.0

Features :

- Image Circle 46,3 mm (Covers Red 8K & Vistavision)
- Changeable Focus Rings for metric & imperial
- Optional Motor for Focus & Iris
- 4 x lenses T1,4
- Gearrings on the same position
- Front 114mm
- Coated or uncoated front lenses available
- Dustproof housing
- Available in PL ,EF,E,F,MFT Mounts

Shipping worldwide

Genesis Cine lenses for sale - NEW!