Upgrade IndieAssistLT to Mk3

Software upgrade for IndieAssistLT to Mk3 software.
Many extra features, now available. This the upgrade to Mk3:

indieASSIST Firmware 1.09
by changing frameline colour: There is a setting in the frameline-color menu now, which is called „AUTO“. When you select Auto as colour setting, the colour will change from green to red once the Arri LT starts to run.
Timecode Trigger:
In the settings menu you can activate „timecode trigger“. Now, SDI timecode from the IALT will only run when the ARRI LT starts to run. This way, you can automatically start and stop the recording of a compatible recorder, which has the option of triggering recording by timecode. Most current SDI recorders have this option.
Timecode Footage Counter (SDI)
When the Timecode Trigger function is enabled the indieASSIST LT will output timecode values via SDI that correspond to the internal frame counter of the Arricam LT. These timecode values are reset to the current frame counter of the Arricam LT every time the camera is run. The timecode base corresponds to the selected framerate of the Arricam LT. This feature works independent of the display setting of feet / meters on the Arricam LT.
when you select „Auto“ in the FPS menu, the the IALT will slave to the FPS setting of the ARRI LT. When setting off-values in the ARRI-LT, the IALT will fall back to the closest standard value (23.98, 24, 25, 29,97 or 30).
Exposure Shutter-Compensation:
In the settings menu you can activate „shutter compensation“ which compensates for the 1/2 stop of brightness loss when the ARRI LT starts to run.
Auto exposure
The auto exposure can now be tweaked further. You have the choice of
  • setting the max ISO that the auto algorithm will go to
  • setting the attack speed, how fast auto exposure will adjust values
Read Settings
This function reads out the current settings of the indieASSIST and diplays them on the screen. This function is mainly used to resync the internal controller when settings have been changed with the external remote control unit and you want to be up to date on the integrated screen.

fixed info menu bug
fixed frameline menu navigation bug
added device name in info menu

Software upgrade IALT to Mk3