Bright Tangerine matteboxes

Bright Tangerine matteboxes for sale.

Strummer DNA, Viv, Misfit, Misfit Atom and others for sale.
Items are new, mint condition.

New in the box with guarantuee.

Strummer DNA / 4x5.65 & 6x6 studio matte box

When you need 6” filters you can simply add
the 6x6”cassette, and cover an even greater
range of lenses.

It’s twice the strength and half the weight, yet retains it's 
compact form.We've also added more functionality
than ever  before.


Viv / 4 X 5.65 compact matte box.

A fusion of clamp-on, rod mount & swing-away,
Viv is a lightweight hybrid with an impressive
field of view. Combining adjustable flags with
revolutionary filter stages, Viv contains all the
features you'll ever need in a matte box.


Misfit. / 4x5.65 Clamp-on matte box.

Misfit is designed to be ultra compact and
lightweight, yet has the field of view to cover
wide lenses.

Combining adjustable lightweight flags with
2-stage to 3-stage flexibility, Misfit retains the
simplicity of a clamp-on matte box, and adds
a range of innovative features.


Misfit ATOM

Taking lightweight to the limit

To create the lightest matte box possible, we
stripped it down to the core. Almost weightless,
Misfit ATOM gives you more possibilities than
ever before.

Designed with gimbals and Steadicam in mind,
it’s exceptionally small, light, and affordable too.

Bright Tangerine MB options

Bright Tangerine matteboxes Bright Tangerine matteboxes Bright Tangerine matteboxes Bright Tangerine matteboxes