Easyrig extension

Why the extension was produced:

A problem with the Easy Rig arm for some people, which I use to support the Ronin during moves is that is not high enough to easily bring the Ronin Gimbal to eye level where most of my shots are made.

Easy Rig offer a higher arm for this purpose but it is not cheap.
Already owning a Easy Rig arm this is the cheap and easy way to extend the existing cinema3 arm without the cost of a new arm, which you also have to carry around.

We have produced a sturdy extension piece for the existing Easy Rig arms.
It is made of solid Delrin and solid Aluminium and is tested a number of times.
The setup time is a matter of a couple of minutes.

Price is 350 euro.

Easyrig extension Easyrig extension Easyrig extension