Set of 5 Zeiss standard lenses - rehoused
Zeiss Standard Lenses. Originally in Arri Std Mount. Manufactured in the 60's.

16mm T2.4, 24mm T2.2, 32mm T2.2, 50mm T2.2, 85mm T2.2 in PL mount
Rehoused by Les Bosher and just serviced. 

The glass is the early version of the Zeiss Standards,

without the T* coating found in later series or the newer, PL mounted Zeiss T2.1 lenses. 
These lenses are single coated and deliver a look close to lenses that have been uncoated. So these are very special lenses, not just cheaper T2.1 as some people are selling. The look is quite different, less sharp, and lower in contrast. 

Scales are in metric.

They can be used in Arri 3.2K format if you frame for 2.40:1. 2K for optimum performance and coverage.