Shotover G1

Shotover G1 for sale. Never used, in perfect condition.
Ready to work.

SystemG1 - Fuly Integrated Gyro-Stabilized Gimbal System*, Components to install camera and lens combos as per matrix, Shotover FI+Z motors, HD Video decoder (2 Streams, HDMI or SDI OUTPUT)

G1cu - Wireless Gimbal Operator Control Unit, 0004Integrated battery & Charger
(Spare Battery Included) HD Video decoder (HDMI or SDI Output)

Ground Station -  Complete MIMO HD Downlink & Antennas
Access Point for Wireless Video Trasmission to Handheld Devices
Wired Video Recorder Connection PointHD Video decoder (HDMI or SDI OUTPUT)

Station Shotover Free-Runner Adaptor Head - Interface to Hand Held, Mitchell Mount, Bowl mount etc Shotover Free- runner Carry Handle Wired or Wireless Operation
Complete MIMO HD downlink 802.11an: 5.15 – 5.85 GHz, 802.11bgn:
2.412 – 2.484 GHz Camera & Gimbal Control Data